3 Design Tips to Bring the Beach to Your Bathroom

A trip to the beach is high on everyone’s vacation list. The relaxing warmth, soothing natural colors and crisp sound of the ocean help remove the worries of everyday life. With the global health crisis going on right now, though, it can be a struggle to schedule an outdoor adventure these days. No worries – there are ways you can enjoy the beach in the comfort of your own home.

Concept Bath Systems, Inc., the leading local contractor for bathroom and kitchen remodeling, shares a few tips to bring a little splash of sunshine into your bathroom.

Paint With Pops of Color

The easiest way to incorporate a beach vibe into your bathroom is by repainting the walls. For a coastal style, use palettes that resemble colors naturally seen at the beach – turquoise water, blue skies, tan sand and white clouds. To make your design more modern, add greens and grays to balance the mood. You can also do the trim to frame a summertime view through your windows.

Combine Different Materials

Stone, wood, glass and tile are perfect for any beach-themed bathroom. Have a balanced mix of these materials to create a coastal feel within the space. For instance, a smooth stone floor and a mosaic wall will create the impression of water and sand in different shades at the bottom and sides of your bathtub or custom shower. Little touches of tan and coral in wood materials also add a beachy vibe to the bathroom.

Decorate With Beach Accessories

Pebbles and seashells are easily found all over the beach. You can easily bring them inside and place them either on your shower floor or by the bathtub. You can also choose to use pebbled tiles for a more textured flooring.

As the top bathroom remodeling contractor in the region, Concept Bath Systems, Inc. has everything you need to create a coastal bathroom of your dreams, from new flooring to beach-inspired fixtures and accessories. Schedule a FREE estimate by calling us at 563-344-9138 or by completing our online form.

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