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Shower Design Ideas for Small Bathrooms

You might think that remodeling your small shower space will be difficult, but there are many easy ways for you to spice it up and make it look spacious. With these convenient and helpful tips, you don’t have to tear down your bathroom walls to expand your shower space. All you have to do is… Read more »

4 Smart Features to Consider Adding to Your Bathroom

A smart home provides homeowners with convenience and cost savings through up-to-date technology. In this article, reputable bathroom remodeling contractor Concept Bath Systems, Inc. shares some of the coolest, most efficient smart home features you may consider adding to your bathroom. 1. Voice Control 48 percent of Americans with broadband utilize digital assistants like Siri… Read more »

3 Hallmarks of Good Bathroom Design

Bathroom remodeling can be a large investment in both time and money, but the tremendous value it adds to your home makes up for it in the long run. On top of that, it helps provide a therapeutic space in which to start and end your day. To achieve your dream bathroom, the first step… Read more »