Kitchen Remodeling Costs That You Should Take Into Account

The cost of your kitchen remodeling project depends on a number of factors like kitchen design, area size, and materials. Knowing these can help you determine a reasonable budget for your remodel. But if you want to ensure that you’re not going overboard in any particular areas, here’s a simple guide to various kitchen remodel costs that your budget should be able to cover.


Labor costs will likely take up a large portion of your budget, ranging from 25-35%. Never skimp on the labor because reliable contractors will work hard to ensure value for your money. You’re already spending a significant amount for your kitchen remodel anyway, so make sure you’re entrusting the project to professionals who can give you good results.


Kitchen countertops can take about 10% of your budget, depending on your choice of material. Marble and granite are generally considered high-end options, while laminate is a good low-end option. If you’re looking for a mid-range material in terms of cost, you might want to consider quartz.


Installing new cabinets can account for around 25% of your budget, depending on whether you choose a custom design or in-stock items.

Appliances ad Ventilation

Appliances and the ventilation required for your range hood can also take a significant portion of your budget, approximately 15%. If possible, you might want to consider waiting for appliance sales and discounts or take advantage of package deals.

Fixtures and Plumbing

Installing a new sink isn’t really expensive. However, if you have luxury kitchen additions that require additional plumbing, this can drive up your plumbing costs.


The areas in your kitchen that need flooring are usually minimal since much of the space is dedicated to appliances and cabinets. However, hardwood and custom tile flooring can be expensive. If you want a cheaper alternative, a laminate floor would be a good option to consider.


Lighting won’t cost you a lot of money. On average, it only requires 5% of the total remodel budget.

Additional Finishes

This category includes paint, curtains, and other decorative items. Additionally, don’t forget to create cushion in your budget for the unexpected. It’s not uncommon to find surprise issues during a remodel. That said, you have to perform all the necessary repairs before you can proceed with your remodeling project.

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