Common Errors During Shower Remodeling Projects

Bathroom remodeling is certainly one of the most exciting home improvement projects. It makes you look forward to a nicer bathtime, which is enough for many homeowners to get started with a shower conversion or a complete bathroom renovation. However, amid the flurry of activity, make sure you don’t forget even the tiniest details. Do your best to avoid these common shower remodel mistakes as well.

Failing to Consider the Shower Drain

The drain isn’t exactly the most glamorous part of your shower. But if you don’t want your feet to touch icky, clogged drains every now and then, you should pay close attention to where your drain will be located. Whether you’re buying a shower base or having it built on-site, make sure that the placement of the drain would be comfortable for you. Consider the different types of drain as well. Linear drains, for instance, are nice to have since they can move water more quickly.

Overlooking Tile Grout Maintenance

Grout maintenance is typically a time-consuming and meticulous task, so no one generally enjoys it. Keep this in mind when choosing materials for your walls and flooring. Your options aren’t just limited to tiles. For instance, you can opt for a custom shower that features grout-free shower wall panels. For your floor, you can use larger tiles or thinner grout lines.

DIY-ing the Job

It can be tempting to DIY your shower remodel, especially if you want to save on costs. However, if you want to be sure that your shower will hold up for years to come, it might be best to leave your remodel to a professional. If you’re really keen on DIY-ing your shower, make sure to read the instructions carefully and seek a professional’s advice.

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