Should You Switch to a Doorless Shower?

A doorless shower, also known as a walk-in or barrier-free shower, offers numerous benefits, and at the top of the list is adding form and function to your bathroom. Some homeowners see it as a luxurious asset, while others believe it increases the accessibility of a home. In this article, a trusted bathroom remodeling contractor in the area takes a look at the pros and cons of a doorless shower.

What Is a Doorless Shower?

Doorless showers are architecturally designed to eliminate the need for doors or curtains. Instead, they usually have transparent glass walls on one or both sides. These showers are usually larger in size than closed shower stalls and, of course, standard bathtubs. However, if you are considering the walk-in shower as an accessibility feature of your bathroom, the size requirements may need to be larger for mobility purposes.

Pros of Doorless Showers

  • Accessibility: Since a walk-in shower does not require an entrance, it increases mobility in the bathroom space, making it an excellent addition to aging-in-place remodel.
  • Customization: At Concept Bath Systems, custom shower installation is our forte. Work with our design professionals to explore other features like a bench or shelving for toiletries when updating your bathroom.
  • Open Look: With no door or curtain, your shower space can appear more spacious and airy. It also welcomes natural light and leaves a clean, sleek impression.

Cons of Doorless Showers

  • Reduced Privacy: A closed shower stall provides more privacy than a walk-in shower. For some homeowners, this transition may take some getting used to.
  • Potential Chilly Temperatures: A doorless shower does not have the ability to lock in steam, so it may feel a little drafty when you are showering.
  • Space Requirements: If you are updating your bathroom and not planning on changing the layout, it may be difficult to install a walk-in shower. On the flip side, if your remodel involves an expansion of the space, then you are in luck—incorporating the modern fixture will be totally feasible.

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