The Three F’s of Bathroom Design

The bathroom may not be as spacious as the other parts of your home, but for many homeowners, remodeling it presents a unique challenge. The design needs to accommodate all bathroom activities, as well as create the desired appearance. Several things must be considered, but by keeping in mind these three F’s, you can tackle your bathroom remodeling project with relative ease.


When designing your bathroom, you should know how you want it to feel. Are you leaning toward a more modern aesthetic or one that exudes a rustic charm? Do you want it to be welcoming, fresh or relaxing? See to it that the bathroom design’s overall vibe complements well with the rest of your home.


Next, determine what your bathroom’s purpose will be, thinking about how it functions for everyone in your household throughout the day. Be specific with it—does it need to have a custom shower–or not? Do you want it to be a place where you can move through quickly as you prepare to go to work? Does it have to be a zone for you to relax and be comfortable as you soak yourself in the tub?


Once you’re certain with how you want the bathroom to function, it’s time to focus on the form. This is where you incorporate your style within the functional framework you’ve developed. This includes the materials you want to use for the flooring and walls and the textures that go with them.

Quick Bathroom Design Tips

These three F’s help you set your goals for your bathroom remodeling project. Still, careful planning from the start will prevent you from committing costly mistakes and changes along the way. For design inspiration, browse home improvement magazines or go online and scroll through Pinterest. Turn to your friends or co-workers, especially those who have accomplished the same project you are planning, and ask about their experiences and advice on how to go with this undertaking.

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