3 Hallmarks of Good Bathroom Design

Bathroom remodeling can be a large investment in both time and money, but the tremendous value it adds to your home makes up for it in the long run. On top of that, it helps provide a therapeutic space in which to start and end your day. To achieve your dream bathroom, the first step you need to take is to hire a skilled and reputable contractor.

With Concept Bath Systems, Inc., you’ll have that, and more. Before starting your project, consider these four important elements.

  • Functionality – Not all aesthetically pleasing bathrooms are practical in actual homes. For example, clear glass surfaces may look beautiful, but if you have small children, these surfaces may likely be covered in fingerprints and be at constant risk of breakage. A better idea would be using surfaces that are easy to wipe down and that still complement your overall theme. As one of the most vital parts of your home, your bathroom should combine appeal with functionality.
  • Storage – As with kitchen remodeling, renovating your bathroom also involves storage consideration. It needs careful planning, though. Large cabinets, for instance, let you store everything neatly away, but they can be awkward in bathrooms with minimalist design. Consulting a trusted remodeler like Concept Bath Systems, Inc. will help you find a mixture of storage options to create a happy medium.
  • Color – Color can have a huge impact on the longevity of your design. Whites are popular because of the brightness and sophistication they bring to a space. Adding pops of color in decorative accessories, such as towels, and shower curtains can immediately spruce up your design.

If you’re considering upgrading your bathroom and would like to consult a professional for various design ideas, Concept Bath Systems, Inc. is more than happy to help. We provide top-quality products such as walk-in bathtubs and even a customer shower, along with a complete remodeling of your space. To schedule a FREE consultation, give us a call at 563-344-9138 or complete our online form today.

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